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While Real Girl’s Kitchen food blogger Haylie Duff is happy to share recipes and parenting tips with her fans, she prefers to just be a supportive sister to Hilary Duff.

“We try to listen to each other and be there for each other,” the 33-year-old mother of two — who’s partnering with Libby’s Fruits & Vegetables for its sixth annual “Cansgiving” sweepstakes — tells PEOPLE. “Everyone has so much advice all the time, so we really just try to support each other whenever we feel like venting or talking something out.”

The proud mamas, who were pregnant at the same time, welcomed daughters — for Haylie, Lulu Gray, in June, and for Hilary, Banks Violet, on Oct. 25 — less than five months apart. (Haylie is also mom to daughter Ryan Ava Erhard, 3½, while Hilary has a 6½-year-old son named Luca Cruz.)

After finding out her baby’s sex, Haylie told PEOPLE of herself and fiancé Matt Rosenberg, “Truthfully, we really wanted another girl. My sister and I have such a special relationship. Ryan could have that bond of sisters.”

In addition to lending a supportive ear, Haylie never wants to “push [her] way” on Hilary and “vice versa.”

“It’s really special; it’s nice for them to be able to grow up together,” Haylie says of her 5-month-old daughter Lulu and newborn niece Banks. “We had a small family growing up, so we’re excited that we’ve got four cousins close in age that can play together.”

With daughters so close in age, the sisters are looking forward to all the memories their girls will make together.

“I think our girls might be in school together at the same time, that’s so fun and exciting for us to watch. It’s great,” Haylie adds. “We’re so grateful that everyone is finally here and healthy and happy, so no complaints on our end!”

The sisters, who both love to cook, are looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday together. As Haylie prepares to take the lead in the kitchen, she expects her sister to bring the “pies and desserts.”

While holidays can be unpredictable, Haylie knows she’ll be making her favorite Maple Roasted Beets and Carrots recipe and that someone will bring up the year the Duff family didn’t have a turkey on the table.

“When we were little girls, our parents put our turkey out on our front porch to thaw out — we lived in Texas — and left it there for most of the day,” she recalls. “The neighbor’s dog got ahold of it and dragged it off, but it was the great mystery of our family that year. Everyone was like, ‘What happened to the turkey?’ “

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Hilary is te gast in Dr. Berlin’s Pocast genaamd ‘Informed Pregnancy’, deze was opgenomen in september toen ze nog hoogzwanger was van dochter Banks. Ter promotie van de podcast in een nieuwe outtake verschenen van Hilary’s zwangerschapsfotoshoot door Laura Moll.

Hilary Duff – BEFORE
In this fun and charming interview, very pregnant and super candid Hilary Duff talks about her childhood, career, first pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood experience and why her plans for her impending second birth have taken a significant and exciting turn.

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Hilary heeft een interview gehad met entrepreneur.com over haar brillencollectie met GlasseUSA en heeft ze het o.a. over de pauze die ze had in haar carrier en geeft ze advies aan bloggers.

In an interview, the actor and entrepreneur gives her best advice for bloggers and influencers.

Hilary Duff, the beloved star from Lizzie McGuire, is now a mom and a total boss who calls the shots on all of her collaboration deals. After her Disney days, the actor has boldly spread her entrepreneurial wings and expanded her brand to include a vast array of business opportunities.

One of her most recent collaborations is with GlassesUSA.com, an online retailer of prescription eyewear. When Duff first learned that the company was interested in working with her, she was excited for the challenge. She was yearning for a creative outlet and designing a collection felt like the perfect fit. She also loved that the brand was open to giving her complete freedom to design a collection.

After a few conversations, Duff and GlassesUSA.com decided to create the Muse x Hilary Duff Eyewear Collection, beautifully designed eyewear that was both affordable and comfortable. Demonstrating her commitment to women’s empowerment, Duff chose to name each pair in the collection after a powerful woman in history.

The collection first launched in January, and its success led to the Bold Capsule, a limited-edition collection of Muse x Hilary Duff that launched on September 5.

Designing a collection with a well-known brand is a dream for many bloggers and creative business owners. So, I asked Duff about what advice she could share with other entrepreneurs on how to make this dream a reality.
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Hilary en Matthew zouden niet verloofd zijn nadat Hilary onlangs een foto van een ring op haar instagram plaatste. Ook zou het stel geen haast hebben om te trouwen omdat ze zich nu vooral willen concentreren op de komst van hun dochter. Het stel zou zich nu al gedragen als een getrouwd stel en Matthew zou goed kunnen opschieten met Luca. Matthew en Hilary zouden in de toekomst wel willen trouwen maar hier voorlopig nog geen concrete plannen voor hebben.

Hilary Duff is taking things one step at a time.

The countdown is officially on for the pregnant Younger star and her boyfriend, musician Matthew Koma, who will welcome their first child together in the coming months. A source tells E! News that Duff is fast approaching the last leg of her pregnancy, and that’s exactly why an engagement isn’t on the horizon for the longtime couple.

Despite rumors that Koma had indeed popped the question (sparked by a simply gold band worn on Hilary’s ring finger), we’re told the pair is not engaged and in “no rush to get married.”

“They already feel married and don’t feel they need a signed document to seal the deal,” explains our insider. “They eventually do want to get married and have a ceremony but for now, are focused on their baby girl coming.”

The source describes the couple as a “true modern family,” adding that Matthew is a “great stepdad” to Luca Comrie—Hilary’s 6-year-old son from a previous relationship.

“Everyone gets along great and it has been a smooth transition,” the source adds. “Luca has been overly excited since day one of this pregnancy and is starting to understand more of what is about to come. He is very anxious for his baby sister to come and is always talking about her.”

Matthew and Luca recently joined the mom-to-be for an absolutely heartwarming maternity photo shoot, which she documented on her Instagram.

As for Duff’s road to baby No. 2, the insider says that she is “so excited to welcome a girl into the family and knows how great of a dad Matthew going to be. He already calls the baby his ‘little princess’ and Hilary has fallen in love with him even more during this process.”

The former Disney Channel darling has documented the ups and downs of her pregnancy on social media, including one honest post that really resonated with moms everywhere.

“The boobs are big the belly is big the body is big. Man.. pregnancy is hard,” she reflected on Instagram in July. “Giving love to all mamas who make it look effortless… this journey is hard as hell and also incredibly special.”

“Lovely to have a little life inside and to day dream of all the new adventures to come [but] almost impossible to get my own shoes on.. sick of getting up 9 times a night to pee and looking at this weird body in the mirror that is not my own at the moment,” Duff continued. “Women are so bad ass, this was just a note to remind myself and remind others how’s strong and beautiful you are! WE GOT THIS.”

Yes you do, Hil!

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Hilary was vorige week te gast bij de ‘Getting Younger’ Facebook Live om te praten over de seizoenfinale van ‘Younger’ seizoen 5!

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Hilary Duff’s kitchen island is her command center, and for good reason: She’s got a lot going on. At all times. It’s also the spot she struggles to keep organized the most. “It’s not a total mess, but it’s like: [my son] Luca’s schoolwork, Luca’s artwork to be filed, things I need to deal with, things I need my assistant to deal with, you know what I mean?” she laughs. “It kind of makes me crazy, but I need it.”

The piles are just a tiny fraction of what Hilary’s got going on these days. The singer and actress has been dividing her time between her Los Angeles home and New York, where she films her TV Land show, Younger. Today, she’s in Manhattan, launching the Imagine If, With Jif contest, where one kid’s business idea could net him or her $15,000 to make it happen. Oh, and she’s mid-home renovation, taking out a guest bathroom, designing a new room with its own “lair” for her son, and turning her son’s old room into a nursery for the baby she’s expecting this fall. All of which will hopefully be done before her daughter arrives — though she’s trying not to sweat it.

“It’s awesome, but it’s happening very close to the time, so I’m like, ‘oh God,'” Hilary says. “If the baby comes, then, she’s going to be our room. She’s not going to be like, ‘My room’s not ready?!'”

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Hilary heeft met Bustle.com een interview gehad samen met ‘Younger’ collega Sutton Foster en Molly Bernard over hun vriendschap in de serie en daarbuiten.

Season 5 of Younger is said and done, and, as star Sutton Foster, who plays Liza, tells Bustle in an interview, “Season 6 is going to be a completely new world. Everything is changed.” Jobs are in flux, relationships have taken a hard right, and the lies keep spreading, but the one constant on the show remains its friendships, particularly between Younger’s female protagonists. The friendships on Younger inspire the show’s stars, as Foster, Hilary Duff, and Molly Bernard all told Bustle over the phone ahead of the premiere. It’s not just about the friendships onscreen, either, but the real life ones that have been born from working together underscoring the fact that the women of Younger could rule the world if someone would just let them. And they’re well on the way, it seems.

Much was said and done in Liza and Charles’ relationship over the course of Season 5, and though the couple ends up together at the end — tenuously and with a hesitant look from each, of course — the way that Kelsey, Liza, Lauren, Diana, and Maggie navigate everything from relationships to career has been the most captivating part of Younger as the show evolves. For Bernard, who plays Lauren, that these women have developed into personal powerhouses is no surprise.

“That’s the show. The show has always been about really strong, career-driven women,” she tells Bustle in an interview before the Season 5 finale. “And that’s like, one of the great thrills about being on the show is we don’t have to ask for strong, female, empowered characters. That’s the pedagogy of the show.” Bernard explains that playing Lauren has empowered her to be “fiercer in the world.” She says, “I push through [it] in a very Lauren-esque way, and that’s been because of her.”

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Actrice Hilary Duff is in volle verwachting van haar tweede kind, een dochter. Hoewel ze in Los Angeles woont is ze tijdens haar zwangerschap aan het werk in New York. En dat kan soms voor stresserende situaties zorgen. Toen ze in een dipje zat zei ze tegen haar zesjarige zoon Luca dat ze een slechte moeder was. Maar het jongetje had meteen een geweldige reactie klaar.

In een interview bekende Duff dat ze zich af en toe overweldigd voelt. Ze staat momenteel op de set in New York, en moet daardoor vier maanden lang in de stad verblijven. Ver weg van haar zoontje, die ondertussen bij Hillary’s partner Matthew Koma blijft in Los Angeles. “Hij mag geen schooldagen missen, dus probeer ik toch elk weekend naar huis te vliegen om hem te zien”, zegt ze. “En onlangs hadden we een vreselijke ochtend. Alles wat maar fout kon gaan, ging fout, en we waren bijna te laat op school. Ik liet zijn stuk toast keer op keer aanbranden terwijl hij zijn huiswerk afwerkte. Alles liep in het honderd. ‘Mijn god, ik kan niets goed doen. Wat ben ik een slechte moeder’, zei ik toen. En ik zei het luidop tegen mijn zoon”.

Beste mama ooit
Zoontje Luca had in de gaten dat zijn mama het moeilijk had. En dus kwam hij meteen met een hartverwarmd antwoord op de proppen. “Wat zeg jij nu? Jij bent de beste mama ooit. Je doet alles wat je maar kan doen. En ik eet graag verbrande toas”, zei het jongetje. Waarop Hillary haar zoontje nog een een stevige knuffel gaf. “Je bent zo lief, dankjewel. Ik weet niet waaraan ik je verdiend hebt”, zei de actrice. En zo werd haar dag in één ogenblik een pak beter.

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My knowledge of, and admiration for, Hilary Duff runs deep. I think anyone who grew up in the late ’90s and early aughts has a place in their hearts for her. I watched Lizzie McGuire every single day after school. Images of hair crimps and butterfly clips and makeup glitter and eye shadow run through my memory like a highlight reel of my childhood. I’ve watched her go from teen Disney sensation to singer on MTV to mother and back to actress with her roles on Gossip Girl and now Younger.

I didn’t want to bring that up, necessarily, when we sat down to talk over the phone—you never know what topics celebrities will want to leave in the past. I wanted to be respectful of someone who has been in the business for as long as she has. But Duff doesn’t have qualms about where she came from. She brought up Lizzie McGuire within the first few minutes of our conversation. She was so startlingly similar to the person I perceived her to be all these years, thanks in part to the fact that she’s been able to bring so much of herself to her cult-favorite characters, she told me.

Below, find her thoughts on using fitness for happiness, pregnancy, motherhood, and beauty products. I think you’ll find she’s everything you thought she was all these years too.

On skincare and body care during her last pregnancy and what she’s doing this time around…

“Oh my gosh, my last pregnancy was so long ago. I’m such a product junkie. I change what I’m using all the time. But I used sweet almond oil and coconut oil a lot during that pregnancy, and I’m kind of doing the same thing with this one. There is this brand I love called Substance. Have you heard of it? It’s called Belly Jelly. It has shea butter and lavender. I feel like if you get stretch marks, it’s genetically prone to happen, but it’s nice to stay responsible. My skincare stuff hasn’t changed, though I haven’t been using anything with harsh acids in it.

“I’ve worked a lot more this time around. And honestly, I’m busy with Luca. He’s my full-time, all the time. There’s a lot less time to think about what’s going on, to be honest with you. I’m so excited, and it’s great, but I feel like I lived on Google the first time around. Every day I was on a new mission to figure out something—why this or that was happening. With this pregnancy, if I have an ache or a pain, I just think, Well, I’m pregnant. Not like, What is the cause of that? At what stage does this start to happen? You know? At the end of the day, I’m tired and I don’t have time for all that. I’m a lot more relaxed—minus my work schedule. I kind of know what’s going on, and I’m not as worried.”

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