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Hilary heeft op 12 augustus deel genomen aan de gratis en online summit van Integrative Pediatrics. Ze was hier te gast om o.a. te praten over Happy Little Camper en de chemicaliën die normaal in babyproducten zitten. In de galerij staan enkele foto’s van het summit, interview hiervoor werden in februari al opgenomen voordat de corona-pandemie uitbrak.

Haar zus Haylie nam ook deel, en sprak o.a over wat er allemaal in kinderkleding zit en haar kledingbedrijf Little Moon Society.. Hieronder is een promotiefilmpje te zien.

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http//: 07 februari: Integrative Pediatrics Summit


Hilary was vorige week te gast bij de Australische talkshow ‘The Morning Show’, ze was te gast via videobellen. In het interview praat ze o.a. over haar producten voor Veeda en hoe het gaat met de reboot van ‘Lizzie McGuire’.



Hilary heeft een interview gehad met Vogue Beauty waarin ze laat weten welke 9 dingen ze nodig heeft om normaal te blijven tijdens de thuis quarantaine.

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Every week, Vogue will be spotlighting tastemakers across industries to hear how they’ve been approaching self-care during the coronavirus pandemic. We asked actress Hilary Duff about how she has been staying sane while at home in Los Angeles, the same space where she wed husband Matthew Koma and gave birth to her daughter, Banks. Should you already be one of Duff’s 15 million followers, then you know she’s keeping busy by homeschooling her son, Luca, and even testing out new radical hair colors. Here, she shares her recent must-haves, from a cult online workout bootcamp to what’s in her current Netflix queue.

1. I’m wearing comfy clothes.
I have been living in this blush-color John Elliott sweatsuit. I’ve noticed I feel better if I get dressed for the day and put a little makeup on and maybe a spritz of perfume. This is a happy medium because I’m cozy, but I don’t feel sloppy (like nighttime cozies).

2. I’m staying active.
Last year I got super into a bodybuilding class, Novo Body Fitness. I have never had such lean muscles and I really enjoy lifting weights now. Miguel, the owner, now does Zoom classes, and I try to do it four times a week.
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Hilary heeft een interview gehad met People Magazine over haar samenwerking met Kohls. Hierin praat ze ook over het schuldgevoel dat ze had doen dochter Banks geboren was.

The Younger actress is honoring her fellow moms this Mother’s Day by teaming up with Kohl’s on their Amazing Moms Contest, running through April 15

Like many second-time mothers, Hilary Duff struggled with mom guilt after welcoming her daughter Banks in late 2018.

“A newborn needs their mom so much, and so much of that time is sitting and nursing. You’re kind of incapable of physically doing anything else with another child,” the 32-year-old actress — who’s partnering with Kohl’s for their Amazing Moms Contest (open now through April 15) — tells PEOPLE exclusively. “[My son] Luca was almost seven when I had her. I had a lot of guilt and felt like, ‘Am I giving him enough?’”

But after seeing Luca (whom Duff shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie) embrace his role as big brother to Banks, who turns 2 in October, Duff says she felt a weight lift off her shoulders.

“Their bond was so sweet right away. It helped me overcome that [guilt] because I saw that he was old enough to [understand],” says the Younger star. “If I could give him a finite, ‘Hey, I have to do this for the next 35 minutes, and then it’s going to be your time with me,’ he could wrap his head around that. The age gap is actually really great. They’re buddies.”

Over the last couple of weeks, Duff has been social distancing at home with her kids and husband Matthew Koma. And while it hasn’t been easy, the entertainer is cherishing her extra time at home with her family while keeping her children occupied.

“I’ve never been spread so thin because I’m now keeping a house clean, keeping everybody fed for almost every single meal and doing four-plus hours of homeschooling a day,” says Duff. “It’s not like I can just give Luca an assignment and be like, ‘Here, you have 30 minutes or you have an hour.’ I have to be there with him helping every step of the way.”
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Hilary heeft gisteren een instagramlive interview gehad met Miley Cyrus.

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Hilary siert samen met zoon Luca en dochter Banks de cover van het tijdschrift Parents met een prachtige fotoshoot door Silja Magg

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http//: April 2020: Parents Magazine
http//: Silja Magg (Parents Magazine)

Hilary Duff Is ‘Living Cleaner’ for Her Kids and the Planet: ‘It Only Takes a Little Time, and Makes a Big Difference’
Uniting a blended family takes work. So does launching an earth-aware business and giving your lifestyle an eco-makeover. Newlywed mom Hilary Duff is up for the challenge.

Hilary Duff couldn’t stop thinking about the fires in Australia while on her honeymoon in January. “We were in Africa, watching free and happy animals, and across the ocean things were burning down,” Duff says of her once-in-a-lifetime trip with her new husband, Matthew Koma. “We were devastated.”

Anxiety about the planet is a familiar feeling to almost any parent. If one form of adulting is thinking, “Someone should do something,” and realizing that someone might be you, the nerve-racking next step is figuring out how you might save the world for your kids, even when parts of it are literally up in flames.

For Duff, thinking of herself as a change agent has been part of a bigger progression. In the early ’00s she played Lizzie McGuire, a basic teen (back when that wasn’t an insult) working her way through sticky situations with teachers, friends, and an annoying little brother. In the ensuing decades between childhood star and adult actress, Duff, now 32, neither got mired in major scandals nor slipped into anonymity like some of her Disney Channel peers. Instead, she’s worked steadily and become a relatable cultural icon. TV Land’s Younger, in which she plays a publishing boss, will soon be in its seventh season and has ranked as the top cable comedy among women 18 to 49. Meanwhile, Duff has been raising Luca, 7, and now Banks, 16 months, in Los Angeles. She handles school drop-off many days and video chats from a set when needed.

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Hilary was gisteren te zien in een aflevering van The Talk om te praten over Veeda, dit is tot nu toe de enige video die ik kon vinden.

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http//: 28 februari: The Talk

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