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Tijdens de Love Leo Gala sprak Hilary met E! waarin ze liet weten dat er beginnende gespreken zijn geweest over een mogelijk reboot van ‘Lizzie McGuire’. Ze voegt hier wel aan toe dat we een eventuele reboot niet op korte termijn moeten verwachten. Veder laat ze weten dat de opnames van ‘Younger’ seizoen 6 in februari zullen beginnen!

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Ik heb uitgebreidere screencaptures in de galerij toegevoegd van Hilary’s gastrol in ‘Chigago Hope’ uit 2000/

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Het is zojuist aangekondigd dat het nieuwe seizoen van ‘Younger’ op een nieuwe zender te zien zal zijn in Amerika. De zender verhuisd van TVLand naar Paramount Network. Wat de precieze reden is wordt niet echt bekend, maar bedenker Darren Star lanceert volgend jaar ook een nieuwe serie bij Paramount, deze zal samen met ‘Younger’ in de lente van 2019 te zien zijn op de zender zo is te lezen in onderstaand persbericht.

Younger is set to grow older on a new network.

On Wednesday, the new Paramount Network announced it is launching a new dramedy night on Thursdays, beginning early next year. The fun female-driven Thursday night content will kick off in January with First Wives Club (from Girls Trip’s Tracy Oliver) and continue into summer of 2019 with a full-series order of Younger creator Darren Star’s 10 episode, half-hour series Emily in Paris (working title). The two new series will bookend Younger, which will officially move over from TV Land to Paramount Network for season 6 in the spring to serve as a centerpiece for the block.

“I am thrilled to be continuing my journey with Younger and now Emily in Paris on the Paramount Network,” Star said in a statement. “Keith [Cox, development and production head for Paramount Network, TV Land, and CMT] and his entire team inspire me with their passion and enthusiasm.”

Centered on a driven twenty-something Midwest American woman, Star’s new dramedy follows Emily as she moves to Paris for an unexpected job opportunity and has to contend with cultures clashes as she adjusts to life in a foreign city, while juggling her career, new friendships and love life.

Younger just completed its fifth season on TV Land, logging its highest-rated season to date.

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Ik heb stills, set foto’s en screencaptures toegevoegd van de seizoen finale van ‘Ýounger’, voor nu is het nog niet bekend wanneer het zesde seizoen gaat beginnen.

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Hilary was vorige week te gast bij de ‘Getting Younger’ Facebook Live om te praten over de seizoenfinale van ‘Younger’ seizoen 5!

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Hilary heeft met Bustle.com een interview gehad samen met ‘Younger’ collega Sutton Foster en Molly Bernard over hun vriendschap in de serie en daarbuiten.

Season 5 of Younger is said and done, and, as star Sutton Foster, who plays Liza, tells Bustle in an interview, “Season 6 is going to be a completely new world. Everything is changed.” Jobs are in flux, relationships have taken a hard right, and the lies keep spreading, but the one constant on the show remains its friendships, particularly between Younger’s female protagonists. The friendships on Younger inspire the show’s stars, as Foster, Hilary Duff, and Molly Bernard all told Bustle over the phone ahead of the premiere. It’s not just about the friendships onscreen, either, but the real life ones that have been born from working together underscoring the fact that the women of Younger could rule the world if someone would just let them. And they’re well on the way, it seems.

Much was said and done in Liza and Charles’ relationship over the course of Season 5, and though the couple ends up together at the end — tenuously and with a hesitant look from each, of course — the way that Kelsey, Liza, Lauren, Diana, and Maggie navigate everything from relationships to career has been the most captivating part of Younger as the show evolves. For Bernard, who plays Lauren, that these women have developed into personal powerhouses is no surprise.

“That’s the show. The show has always been about really strong, career-driven women,” she tells Bustle in an interview before the Season 5 finale. “And that’s like, one of the great thrills about being on the show is we don’t have to ask for strong, female, empowered characters. That’s the pedagogy of the show.” Bernard explains that playing Lauren has empowered her to be “fiercer in the world.” She says, “I push through [it] in a very Lauren-esque way, and that’s been because of her.”

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