De bedenker van de ‘Lizzie McGuire’ ziet een reboot van de serie wel zitten, nu ook andere series een nieuw kans krijgen. Ze geeft aan er niet over na te moeten denken als de kans er is, maar dat het niet aan haar is om de keuze te maken. Ze werkte ook al met Hilary samen met ‘Younger’ en geeft aan haar nog steeds te zien als Lizzie!

The creator of the Lizzie McGuire TV series, Terri Minsky, is totally on board for a reboot of the show!

Lizzie McGuire, starring Hilary Duff, ran on Disney Channel from 2001-2004 and still holds a special place in the hearts of fans who grew up following Lizzie’s daily adventures.

Sequels of older shows have been all the rage lately, with series like Fuller House, Girl Meets World, and That’s So Raven building on some of our favorite characters’ lives.

“I would do it in a heartbeat,” Terri told TheWrap. “But it’s not up to me. Somebody else has to want to do it and make it happen, but I certainly try to let the involved parties know, ‘If anybody’s interested, hi!’ I would absolutely do it.”

Terri has also recently worked on an episode of Hilary‘s TV Land comedy Younger. “[Hilary] still looks like Lizzie McGuire to me in this role,” Terri added. “The fact that she is this cool, fashionable, intelligent executive, it all makes sense to me, and the only thing missing is the little animated character telling us what’s really going on inside her head.”

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