TLC zend elke dinsdagavond om 23.30 uur 2 afleveringen van ‘Younger’ uit, momenteel afleveringen uit seizoen 1!

Well I had an amazing afternoon with Naomi from
@makeawishamerica she wanted to sing a serious #fbf of mine #whynot and I literally had to print out lyrics lol ❤️ Naomi you are beautiful and courageous inside and out and I loved singing with you and eating cupcakes the “right” way. Thank you
@riskybusinessMB for helping us out on the 🎸!! ❤️

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Hilary zou volgens de laatste berichten terug zijn bij haar ex zanger Matthew Koma. De zanger poste een foto van haar op zijn instagram, die gemaakt is op haar 30e verjaardag. Volgens bronnen zou het stel weer bij elkaar zijn, nadat ze begin dit jaar uit elkaar gingen.

The Younger star is reportedly back together with her ex-boyfriend, singer/songwriter Matthew Koma.

The actress recently took to Instagram to share a slideshow of photos from her 30th birthday celebration last month, including a selfie of her and Koma, 30.

Koma shared his own birthday tribute to Duff, posting a photo of the two smiling lovingly at each other.

“#tBt birthday girl,” he wrote.

Duff and Koma dated for a few months before breaking things off in March. Now, according to E! News, the two are giving it another shot.

“Since Matt got back from tour, they’ve been seeing each other again,” a source told the outlet. “Him being gone on tour was the main reason things didn’t work out the first time around so now that he’s back they picked up right where they left off.”

Hilary was gisteren aanwezig op de 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party in L.A. edit: Meer foto’s zijn toegevoegd!

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Screencaptures van aflevering 4×12 Irish Goodbye staan in de galerij! Dit was de laatste aflevering van het vierde seizoen, de productie van het vijfde seizoen zal in oktober beginnen. Wanneer de opnames precies gepland staat is nog niet bekend.

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Hilary was twee dagen geleden één van de vele sterren die de Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief hoste in Los Angeles. Met de benefietavond werd geld opgehaald om mensen in de Amerikaanse staten Texas en Florida te ondersteunen na de verwoestende orkanen Harvey en Irma. edit: Meer foto’s toegevoegd

Tijdens de één uur durende televisie special werd al $14 miljoen opgehaald, aan het einde van de avond was dit bedrag zo’n $44 miljoen! Hilary zelf doneerde enkele dagen geleden al geld aan verschillende doelen. Ze liet bij aankomst van het event aan de pers weten dat het met haar familie gezien de omstandigheden goed gaat.

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Er zijn nog meer afleveringstills verschenen van de afgelopen twee aflevering van ‘Younger’ seizoen 4.

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Hilary Duff says she looks forward to heading back to her Texas hometown to help rebuild after Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on parts of the state late last month.

My whole family is there. My dad is there, my aunt and uncle, my cousin, my cousin’s kids. My goddaughter evacuated out of her house on a canoe with her two babies,” the 29-year-old Houston native told PEOPLE at her Baby2Baby Back-to-School event on Thursday at The Grove in Los Angeles.

“Some people have their whole neighborhoods piled in their front yard. It’s really terrible and I can’t wait to go back and do relief work and get my hands dirty, but I think a lot of water needs to clear out.”

The storm touched down Aug. 25 as a Category 4 hurricane, dumping punishing rain on the Texas Coastal Bend.

In the week since Harvey made landfall, thousands of residents in Texas and Louisiana found refuge in shelters across the states. Floodwaters overtook entire neighborhoods, damaging at least 49,000 homes in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Duff said it “felt so unfair” watching news stories about the hurricane from sunny California.

“I felt so angry about it. Like, you don’t deserve this right now,” she said. “This is ongoing and this is going to be years of rebuilding ,so we need to give what we can and keep them in our thoughts and prayers, and I think there’s a lot of hurricanes on the horizon that are really scary, too.”

Hurricane Irma is closing in on Florida, and two others, Jose and Katia, are intensifying.

“That could cause even more damage,” Duff said. “So, this seems like an ongoing problem right now, and we need to just do what we can and all band together and spread love and kindness and give what you can.”

The Baby2Baby event was sponsored by GAP and Nike.

Some 785,000 people were part of mandatory evacuations in Texas and Lousiana, and more than 200,000 homes are still without power. Officials are now allowing a portion of evacuees to return to their properties, and the process of rebuilding their homes, and their lives, begins.

At least 60 people have died as a result of the storm.

In an exclusive essay for Hilary Duff talks about the devastating effect Hurricane Harvey had on her hometown.

My dad used to take my sister and I out on our bikes every evening. Once the heat subsided, we’d go on long rides through the neighborhood that I grew up in. Houston was a safe, beautiful, and free place to do that kind of classic childhood activity. Everyone said hello to each other. If we saw cans on the side of the road, my dad would make us pick them up to keep our neighborhood nice. The community was tight—so much so that the moment my mom heard a neighbor was sick, she’d start cooking meals before dropping them off on the doorstep.

Now, shelves sit empty at the market. Pets are abandoned, swimming through the streets. Homes are turned upside down. People are wading through water, holding plastic bags with their remaining belongings in one hand, and their children in the other. The land that I love has been devastated.

Being so many miles away from home and watching the news about Hurricane Harvey from sunny California feels completely unjust. How can a whole city be turned into a lake? How is it possible that my god-sister and her two small babies have been evacuated from their home by canoe? Did my dad really call to tell me that they’re running low on food and had to eat chocolate chip cookies for dinner?

But people are resilient. People are brave. People dig deep, and find strength they never knew they had when faced with a monstrous challenge. Taking on the responsibility of a hero is no small feat—and that’s what these people are: heroes. I’ve seen so many people jump into the action with limited sleep, limited funds, and zero comfort. So many earth-walking angels. It makes me realize more than ever that Texas is a beautiful blanket tightly woven with people who truly care for one another and the land that they were raised on. The whole world could take a note from watching them defeat this unimaginable challenge.

Last night I called my mom, and she told me about the GoFundMe pages of people directly affected by the flood. A boy who went to rescue his sister’s cat, and got electrocuted in the process. A baby who was found clinging to her mother’s unresponsive body. I can’t imagine anything more important than getting money directly to these families. We live in a world where we treat ourselves because we can. We take the comfort of our own beds for granted. But disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma are important reminders that if you deprive yourself of something small—that extra cocktail, that on-sale t-shirt—and use the money to help others, it can really make a difference in someone’s life. Houston is a place full of people just like you and me—little kids riding bikes with their dads, moms making soup for their neighbors. Let’s help them, and help each other. You never know when this will be you.

To find out how you can help Houston, visit some of Hilary’s preferred charities below:
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston
Houston Food Bank
Houston Humane Society
United Way of Greater Houston