Hilary was afgelopen zondag samen met ‘Younger’ co-sterren Peter Hermann en Miriam Shor aanwezig op de Contenders Emmys Gala presented by Deadline in L.A. Tijdens het gala presenteerde 24 tv netwerken in totaal 43 tv-serie’s die mogelijk kans maken op een Emmy Award, die pas op 7 september worden uitgereikt.

Younger stars were on hand at Deadline’s annual Emmy Contenders to speak on how their TV Land hit series Younger, which is centered on Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), fortysomething woman who pretends to be in her mid-20s in order to get a job in the highly competitive world of publishing, can resonate within the current political commentary.

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“The show is based on this lie. Having a conversation about the value of truth is well within the confines of what our show is all about, but it also just happened to tie into what was going on in the country, the conversations we’re having about the importance of facts,” said Miriam Shor.

Right around the time we came back for [season] four, the Time magazine cover was ‘Is Truth Dead?’ and I was like ‘oh wow it’s about Younger,” joked Peter Hermann.

On the issue of ageism, also a central theme of the series, Shor said, “We are in love with youth culture in this country… It permeates every aspect of people’s lives.”

Season 5 picks up after a fourth season in which Hilary Duff’s character has learned the truth about Liza, which Duff teased is “a huge betrayal for [her character] Kelsey especially with their friendship… it puts a lot at risk. She has some big hurdles to get through.”

The new season of Younger premieres June 5 on TV Land.

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