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april 27, 2018   Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Hilary Duff Admits Keeping Up with Son Luca, 6, Can Be a ‘Good Workout’: ‘He’s So Fast’   Talkshows/Interviews

Hilary Duff is just as ready for spring as the rest of the country.

The actress partnered with Claritin to promote the company’s new 20 Minutes of Spring Project, which aims to inspire Americans to get outdoors and finally experience the simple joys of warmer, springtime weather — something Duff enjoyed all year round as a California resident before beginning to film Younger in New York City.

“Now that I split my time between the East Coast, I kind of get what the rest of the country has to go through,” Duff, 30, tells PEOPLE.

The mom to 6-year-old son Luca looks forward to warmer temps so she can go for runs along N.Y.C’s West Side Highway and take advantage of the city’s parks and outdoor cafes. In the meantime, Duff gets her fill of sun when she flies home on weekends to spend time with Luca.

“When I get home for the weekends right now, I make sure to hike right away,” she says. “Luca and I swim all the time, and he is an avid scooter rider, so I got a scooter, too, which is so embarrassing to be an adult on a scooter, but when I’m with him, it’s so much fun. Then we jump on the trampoline; we have a trampoline in the backyard. And his favorite game is tag right now, and he’s so fast. His legs are so long, so I’m actually running as fast as I can, and I can still beat him, but it’s a good workout.”

Aside from hiking, Duff likes to do high-intensity interval training and plans on getting a Peloton cycling bike for her place in L.A. “I’ve heard it’s amazing, so I’m really excited,” she says of the popular at-home spin workout.

Though the “Wake Up” singer calls herself a “pretty hyper person,” she admits there are days when getting up and out isn’t so easy.

“On days I don’t feel like working out or doing anything too active, I love to stay inside and cook,” Duff says. “We go to the movies a lot.”

But with temperatures steadily rising across the country, she looks forward to spending time outside on both coasts.

“This is the time in the coming weeks to encourage your kids to get outside and be in the sunshine and get happy,” Duff says. “It’s so important to get your kids to set their devices down and get outside and run and play and do whatever kind of activities you enjoy outside, and doing that together. Twenty minutes outside can elevate your mood and boost your happiness.”

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Each time someone shares a photo of their own outdoor spring activity on social media using hashtags #Claritin and #20MinutesofSpring, Claritin will make a donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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