In een interview met Instyle praatte Hilary vorige maand over haar samenwerking met Callie Collection wijnen, het maken van muziek en natuurlijk ‘Younger’. Hierin onthulde ze in iedergeval dat de opnames van seizoen 5 in februari zullen gaan beginnen!

Like you, Hilary Duff also can’t wait to find out what’s next for her character, editrix Kelsey Peters, on the next season of Younger. But she’s finding a few ways to keep herself busy until Season 5: dressing 5-year-old son Luca in the most adorable Lego costume for Halloween, attending book club, and, most recently, partnering with Callie Collection wines to provide her favorite entertaining tips (what’s a book club without wine?).

“I love wine, and this one is really a love letter to California,” Duff told InStyle of the collection. “It’s just really girly and drinkable, and I love that.” The actress, 30, loves to host. “A lot of my girlfriends actually cook, so we’ll all be in the kitchen together,” said Duff. “And we usually make those who don’t cook bring the groceries because they contribute nothing. [laughs] We actually just started a book club.” Their current read? “Turtles All The Way Down—it’s John Green’s new book, so I’m assuming there’s gonna be tears at some point.”

We caught up with the Lizzie Mcguire star last week to talk all things hosting, Younger, her chemistry with dreamy co-star Nico Tortorella.

You recently posted a video to Instagram of yourself singing “Why Not,” which got me really excited. Do you have plans for any new music?
I don’t really have plans to, but I found my voice during that time, so music is a big part of my life. I’m dating a musician right now [Matthew Koma], and he’s always just floating around me, but I don’t know if that makes sense right now. In February, we start shooting again, and I’m always writing but not necessarily trying to make a record. Maybe I will again!

The Season 4 finale of Younger was insane—Josh got married! What do you think will happen next?
I think people are bummed that Josh got married. To be honest, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. They never tell us. I was just emailing with Darren [Star] and I was like, “When can I come sit in the writer’s room?” I guess they haven’t started writing yet. We don’t know anything, but I can’t imagine that he’s gonna stay married to that girl. I don’t think it’s gonna last.

When you read the script, did you see the wedding coming at all?
No! No, I did not. I was really shocked. Sometimes we get our script the week before we film, but last season, we got four scripts at once, and we were all trying read them. We were like, “What on Earth?!” It’s pretty shocking. I can’t believe he went through with it.

When Kelsey and Josh kissed earlier in the season, people were totally shipping them, but they just closed that door.
I don’t know if it’s closed forever.

You and Nico [Tortorella] have such great chemistry on the show. What’s your relationship like off-screen?
It’s pretty much the same. I think we get so excited to work together because for the first three seasons of the show, we didn’t really work together at all because Liza was keeping the secret still, so their worlds didn’t really collide. He’s a goofball and so am I. He’s also the biggest gentleman you’ll ever meet. I remember being on set, really sick one day, and he called and got a bunch of juices delivered. And it’s so funny because halfway through last season, I was staring at him, and I’m like, “Yo, do you know that you have a perfect heart on the end of your nose?” It’s the weirdest thing. If you go on to his Instagram and you see a picture of his face, which there’s plenty of because Nico does love himself, there is a perfect heart imprinted on the end of his nose. It’s hilarious!

What can we expect for Kelsey’s future?
I think professionally, she has to continue with getting more respect at work because she’s keeping the company alive. I would love for Kelsey to write a self-help book, like a book for Millennial and then take it to Charles [played by Peter Hermann] under a different name. Romantically, she’s a bad picker, man. I don’t like any of the guys she ever dates. As much as I love Charles Michael Davis [who plays Zane on the show] in real life, I do not like him for her on the show. He’s gotta go. It can’t be. But I also don’t know who it’s gonna take for her to settle down.

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