Hilary Duff’s kitchen island is her command center, and for good reason: She’s got a lot going on. At all times. It’s also the spot she struggles to keep organized the most. “It’s not a total mess, but it’s like: [my son] Luca’s schoolwork, Luca’s artwork to be filed, things I need to deal with, things I need my assistant to deal with, you know what I mean?” she laughs. “It kind of makes me crazy, but I need it.”

The piles are just a tiny fraction of what Hilary’s got going on these days. The singer and actress has been dividing her time between her Los Angeles home and New York, where she films her TV Land show, Younger. Today, she’s in Manhattan, launching the Imagine If, With Jif contest, where one kid’s business idea could net him or her $15,000 to make it happen. Oh, and she’s mid-home renovation, taking out a guest bathroom, designing a new room with its own “lair” for her son, and turning her son’s old room into a nursery for the baby she’s expecting this fall. All of which will hopefully be done before her daughter arrives — though she’s trying not to sweat it.

“It’s awesome, but it’s happening very close to the time, so I’m like, ‘oh God,'” Hilary says. “If the baby comes, then, she’s going to be our room. She’s not going to be like, ‘My room’s not ready?!'”

Her kids’ room makeovers mark Hilary’s second major home renovation in three years. But, the self-proclaimed Pinterest fan wouldn’t have it any other way. “I feel like my house is always in a state of ‘I want to do that, I want to do that,'” she explains.

Since a big portion of her free time is spent dreaming up decor ideas, it seemed only fitting that we grill her with a lightning round of rapid-fire questions, targeting some of the home world’s biggest debates.

Since we’re at the Imagine If, With Jif launch, I need to know: Do you store your peanut butter in the fridge or the pantry?

This is so weird that you’re asking this! My boyfriend wants it in the fridge, always, and I just tried it, and it’s delicious! We’ve always been a peanut butter in the pantry family, but it’s very good in the fridge.

When you’re hanging a toilet paper roll, should the T.P. hang over the top or under the roll?
I hate when it’s not flowing over. Pulling it out from under makes no sense. Ripping it out from under makes no sense. In a public bathroom, I will change it. If it’s not in one of those big things — if it’s just on a roll — I’ll take it off and flip it over.

Are you a green thumb or plant killer?
I’m something in between. You can’t color me like that. I’m in the middle.

That chair in your bedroom: Is it for sitting on, or stacking clothes?
Stacking my clothes! (laughs)

Do you wash your dishes right away or let them sit a bit?
I’m not on either side. I rinse them, they’re stacked nicely in the sink, but they don’t always make it in the dishwasher right away.

Millennial pink: Into it or over it?
I’m still into it. It makes me feel good. It understands me.

Do you prefer bold colors or neutrals?
In my dressing, neutrals. In my home, there’s definitely a lot of accent colors. I have these two Kelly Wearstler chairs that I really sprung for that are pink that I love. My house sounds really girly, but it’s not. But I’m obsessed with those chairs. There’s definitely some boldness going on. The walls are white, and there are some neutrals, but I like color.

If we turned on your TV, what channel would be on?
We don’t really watch TV! Probably something kid-friendly, something that Luca’s been watching. Or Netflix.

Okay, last question: What’s one space that’s always a struggle to organize?

There’s a drawer in my kitchen that’s a total disaster. I’m shaking it a little, pushing stuff down with my hand to close it, but I need the stuff in there. It’s just not big enough.

No one’s ever is! That problem is universal.
I know, right?!

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