Hilary heeft het tijdschrift Architectural Digest een kijkje gegeven in haar huis in Beverly Hills. Hierbij had ze ook een bijebehorende fotoshoot met Jenna Peffley, deze is te vinden in de galerij.

Step Inside Hilary Duff’s Cheerful Los Angeles Home
The actor and musician has taken her time creating a tailored, private sanctuary for her family

Hilary Duff installed this oversized bath into her personal bathroom when she first moved into the house. “I take about three baths a week,” she says. “I will even catch up on phone calls and take meetings there, too.”

“A lot of people move to the Hills for the view,” says Hilary Duff, discussing her decision to purchase the 5,260-square-foot Georgian-style Beverly Hills house she has lived in for close to a decade. “But I liked that this home felt really nested. I actually have hedges in my backyard, and then right behind that it’s just this big mountain. I feel like I’m getting this nice, warm hug.”

The actor and musician had been living in L.A.’s Toluca Lake for some time but was looking for something with a bit more privacy, especially since, at the time, she was expecting her first child. “My mom had lived down the street from me then, and every time I would walk down to her house there was this paparazzi waiting outside. It was a nightmare,” she explains.

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“I love this couch because even though it seems modern, it also reminds me of the ’70s. I think my next house will be like all ’70s, really funky,” says Duff. (The couch is a custom design by Bespoke Furniture.) “I thought this would be the one room that would be for adults, but my kids freakin’ love hanging out in there. But I don’t mind; that’s what makes a happy home.” A pair of Kelly Wearstler Laurel Lounge chairs, in montage and shell, are a treasured possession. “I feel like I am going to have these until I am 98 years old, a grandma that’s still going be sitting in those fantastic chairs.”
Still, while this new refuge fit the bill in terms of seclusion, it would require a major overhaul. There were these grandiose fountains everywhere. And the buttery-yellow exterior. And these elaborate “super-’80s” wooden floors. A thorough gutting would leave many of the structure’s bones while creating larger and brighter living spaces.

“I’ve remodeled twice since the initial remodel,” says Duff, who is chief brand officer for both Happy Little Camper and Veeda, and stars as Kelsey Peter in Younger on TV Land. “I had a couple of big life changes—a divorce, a second child.” Most recently, she teamed up with interior designers David Ko, of Maison Ko, and Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, of Studio Life/Style, to ensure that the space would finally feel like her own. “I painted my front door this beautiful blush color. I was ready—to get rid of some of the dark colors, to move away from everything being so tonal, and to lighten up a lot of the furniture.”

Actor-musician Hilary Duff worked with her team from Studio Life/Style to pick the perfect trio of rugs to line the foyer stairway in her Beverly Hills home, an idea she had favorited on Pinterest. From Woven in West Hollywood—a store Duff says, “I lose all my money at”—the vibrant rugs were cut and then sewn together into a singular design. “To lay out the rugs on each step, deciding where to make the cuts was…very, very scary.”
“This house is used by kids,” says Duff, mom to a young boy and toddler girl. “We have found this really nice balance. I care a lot about interior design, and I do like to invest in furniture—but furniture that I feel like I’m going to love and reuse in many different ways, and also that my kids can, like, climb on and beat up a little bit. Now, it feels like our family’s home.”

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