Hilary deelde met de website theinfatuation.com haar vijf favoriete restaurant in NYC.

When someone announced that Hilary Duff would be sharing her Friday Fives with us, half the office got extremely enthused. Yes, half of our office are women aged 23-28 who grew up on a healthy dose of Lizzie McGuire and the era’s Disney Channel Original Movies. This is what dreams are made of. And if you got that joke, you are probably also pretty enthused about this whole situation.

These days, Hilary stars on the extremely charming and quite funny Younger, playing a young publishing executive in New York City and is also working with Stella Artois as part of their “Host One To Remember” campaign. (Any campaign related to beer + parties = fine by us).

Below, you’ll find Hilary’s picks for NYC restaurants – from where she goes to drink a glass of wine at the bar to where she drinks matcha in Nolita. Hilary Duff, still being extremely relatable to your everyday needs.


1 Jack’s Wife Freda
Perfect For: Dining Solo
224 Lafayette St.
“There’s a little restaurant not far from my apartment called Jack’s Wife Freda. It’s really cute, and I like that it’s simple – people eat at a farm-style table together. They use fresh ingredients, so it’s flavorful but healthy and there are a lot of options. I go a lot alone after work and sit at the bar with a glass of wine and my book, or my script, or whatever I have to work on for the next day. I always order the same thing there – it’s a salmon and kale bowl that is so yummy. People are probably like, ‘Who is that lonely girl sitting at the bar alone?’ But I love it.”

2 Sant Ambroeus SoHo
Perfect For: Brunch
265 Lafayette St
“They have the best avocado toast – it’s on sunflower seed bread, and it has spicy chiles on top. I’ve been a few times with my girlfriends for early dinner or brunch, and I don’t think I’ve ever sat at the restaurant and not seen everyone sipping rose. It’s just good vibes all around.”

3 Market Table
Perfect For: French Fries In Your Salad
54 Carmine St
“It’s farm-to-table, with really good fish and really good specials. They do things like put french fries in a salad – and that is so up my alley. I like to eat healthy, but also I need something naughty to make it feel like a satisfying meal. And so when they have that special, it’s literally my favorite thing on earth: a kale salad with french fries on top.”

4 Cha Cha Matcha
Perfect For: A Caffeine Kick
373 Broome St
“Cha Cha Matcha is my new obsession right now. I’m loving that spot. I’m trying to give up coffee for a little while so it’s a fun little visit for a little caffeine kick.”

5 Locanda Verde
Perfect For: Date Night
377 Greenwich St.
“I love Locanda Verde. Luca and I just went and had a date there. I feel like it’s a great date night restaurant, and the bar in the Greenwich Hotel is super sexy and low-key.”

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