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Hilary had een interview met Shape Magazine waarbij ze praat over haar Fitness Routine.

We sat down with the Younger actress to talk health, food, and her new #1 move

If you still associate Hilary Duff with Lizzie Mcguire, you’re selling the actress seriously short. The 28-year-old is redefining triple threat by shooting the third season of Younger, raising her toddler son as a single mom, and exercising like a pro. Here, she shares how she balances it all—and manages to sneak some fun in the mix too.

You’re partnering with Stella Artois to kick-off their “Host one to Remember” campaign. How do you balance going to summer parties and staying healthy?
Obviously it’s all about moderation. I have a hard time with that—I’m not a one drink kind of girl! And it’s hard to choose the right foods to pair with your alcohol when you’re impaired. I think you have to choose your days. I have a four-year-old, so I tend to go out one night during the week and maybe one night on the weekend. It’s hard especially in New York City—you want to have a glass of wine or beer at lunch, and then you want to keep it going. I just make sure I eat healthy during the week and hit the gym to balance it out.

Any tips for dealing with hangovers?
I don’t really have hangovers so much anymore, but I try to just take the beating, and get through it the best I can with coffee and water. I’m not a lazy person who can stay in bed all day, so I make sure I get up in the morning and hit the gym and that makes me feel better.

What’s your ideal meal to pair with a beer if you’re hosting a party?
I live in LA and we have good weather year round, so I love to entertain outside at my house and cook for my friends. One of my favorites that I’ve made a few times is honey garlic chicken. Healthwise, it’s not that bad, but it’s not that good either. But when I’m entertaining, I’m not trying to be healthy for my friends. They can go get that somewhere else. I want my food to taste good and for people to enjoy themselves. I also make bacon-wrapped dates that are stuffed with cream cheese. I tend to grill a lot, so I’ll make some skewers with vegetables or put a skirt steak on and grill some pineapples; I don’t feel bad about that. I’m building an outdoor kitchen at my house in LA and I can’t wait to make rotisserie chicken on the spits.

What kinds of food do you eat when you’re not entertaining?
On the weekends, I’ll meal prep a few things that I can pack with me and bring to set during the week. I’ll make a big thing of quinoa and brown rice, or some chicken and steak chopped up. And then I’ll bring some arugula and make a salad with everything. I’ll bring an avocado with some lemon and sea salt or fruit for a snack. And since there’s a juice place on every corner in New York, sometimes I’ll get a protein shake as a meal replacement.

What’s your favorite go-to protein shake?
I’ll put in some berries, greek yogurt, nut butter, and egg white powder that I buy it at Whole Foods—I’m really into that and use it instead of regular protein powder. And my favorite green juice I make for myself is spinach, romaine, celery, parsley cilantro, apple, pear, and banana and lemon.

You told us in your cover interview last year that you love to mix it up with your workouts. What does your current regimen look like?
Filming in New York now, my workouts have changed, but I found a really great trainer at Soho Strength Lab. When I go there, I do lots of squats, kettlebells, deadlifts, and medicine ball slams. And then I hit the stair master or treadmill for cardio. I’ve also been using the rower lately; I literally almost puked the other day on it! (Here, a full-body rowing workout to burn a crap ton of calories.) Next, I really want to try some new classes like AKT and Orangetheory—I use the MindBody app which gives you the schedules of all your favorite classes.

Any other fitness trends you’re really into right now?
Well, I’ve been doing night shoots, and yesterday I just didn’t want to go through the ordeal of going to the gym before I had to head to set. So I did a mini bodyweight workout in my room and totally worked up a sweat! I just did moves on my own—I did 200 jumping jacks, pushups, triceps, dips, and squats. I also finally learned that rolling out my legs is so important. I keep a foam roller under my bed and it’s changed my life.

Why do you love your shape?
I’m short and always going to be a curvier gal, unless I just decide not to eat anymore, which is not a fun (or healthy!) option. I’m just strong. I’m cool with how I look. I have really strong legs. I’m a mom so I can toss my kid around and go hard with him all day long, and I love that. Of course there are always things I wish I could change or improve, but I love my strong legs and my bum. I have a gymnast body—I’m never going to be that super skinny girl. i just want to be strong and feel good. (Related: Khloe Kardashian shares why she loves her shape!)

Is there a body part you’re especially proud of?
I’ve been working so hard on my bum lately! I’ve been doing crazy, crazy, amounts of squats with heavy weights, and weighted deadlifts and hip thrusts. They’re so awkward to do because you’re basically humping the air, but if they work, I’ll do them. It literally changed my whole butt— I’ve always had a pretty good butt and some meat there but it’s made it so much higher than it was, so I’m loving that.

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