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augustus 25, 2020   Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Tweede Mom Tea Blog verschenen   'Happy Little Camper' & 'Veeda'

Hilary heeft vorige week haar tweede blog gepost op de website van Happy Little Camper.

Tonight tonight, Mama’s going out!

I’m going to my friend Natalie’s tonight and I’m so excited to see some of my mom friends! We’re sitting outside, social distancing. I’m bringing a pie, Bill Smith’s Atlantic Beach Pie (not helpful for the beach bod) from Food 52 to be specific. What I’m trying to say here is…make some plans and get out of your house (safely)! It’s not the same to catch up on the phone, so put on a cute outfit you’ve been staring at in your closet, swipe some lipstick on your kisser and get out and gab with your friends! You know you need it! Ask your partner for some help or call someone on your quaranteam because your sanity (and your children’s safety… lol) depends on it!

How are you guys feeling about this? Have you found it easy or hard to make space for yourself? The news is so scary to watch and really does a great job of instilling epic fear in us. For example, I had to tell my husband that we weren’t going to open the front door and catch COVID! And even though he knows that he likes to play it extra safe, which I agree with, mostly, but we have to live too!

My post today is mostly for the parentals involved. One thing I’ve gotten better about in quarantine is asking for help which always in my mind equated to weakness or failing somehow. In reality what I’ve learned is there’s strength in asking for help, recognizing you’re overwhelmed, and coming to peace with one of your shortcomings (just kidding we don’t have any of those!). I guess what I’m trying to say is the biggest concern I’ve had during quarantine is making sure my kids’ needs are met. We have found safe ways to be social, they are getting the stimulation they need and meeting emotional needs while growing and getting so big. But what about us?

I recently met with this wonderful reiki healer for some tools on how to help ground me and stop the racing thoughts. She introduced me to a ten-minute walking meditation. If you’re anything like me and meditation sounds like eating a big bowl of steamed vegetables, then this one’s for you! When I’m told to sit still and think of nothing, that’s when I get an infuriating itch…and think of EVERYTHING! If meditation’s too out there for you, (and I’m still not sure if it’s even for me, but I’m going to give it a month to try) keep searching until you find something that’s your thing sis!

Smile, be cautious, be smart, and don’t let the news scare you from feeling the sunshine!

-Hilary xx

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