Hilary lanceert a.s. dinsdag een nieuwe romper in haar collectie met het candese modemerk ‘Smash + Tess’. De Lauren romper die eerst alleen in de kleur Daisy verscheen zal nu ook in de kleur Midnight Black verschijnen!

We heard you #smashtessfam and guess what?? The Lauren Romper is COMING BACK, in Midnight Black! 🤩⁠⁠
The Lauren Romper in Daisy Dream was an instant fave from our collection with @hilaryduff! So why wouldn’t we bring it back in our classic Romper colour?! 💕⁠⁠
Who’s marking their calendars for Tuesday May 25th at 8am PT for when this Romper drops?! 😎⁠⁠
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Hilary heeft een interview gehad met Refinery29.com over haar nieuwe collectie met Smash + Tess.

Hilary Duff never expected to be in this place in her life. And by this place, I mean wearing bike shorts in the year of our lord 2021.
The actor, like many of us, took on several new roles during the pandemic: hair stylist, children’s book author, New York resident (while she filmed the seventh and final season of Younger), second-grade teacher to her son Luca, and perhaps most surprising… bike shorts convert. “I never thought I’d wear them again,” she says incredulously of the re-emerged loungewear trend. “It’s like 1997.”

Another role she’s taken on this year: fashion designer. Duff partnered with women-owned Canadian brand Smash + Tess for a collaboration of rompers. Dropping on February 23 and inspired by some of the influential females in her life, S + T x Hilary Duff is an elevated take on some of the label’s sell-out essentials. (Her favourite in the collection is the shoulder-padded The Banks Romper, named after her two-year-old daughter.)

The collab couldn’t have come at a better time, for both our current stretchy waistbands-only quarantine wardrobes and Duff’s own closet. As she tells Refinery29, she’s “100 months pregnant” with her third child, which can make dressing a bit tricky and which also means that style and comfort are key. A former skeptic of the romper trend (typically too much drop crotch for someone who is 5’2”), Duff was drawn to working with a size-inclusive brand like Smash + Tess.

Not to mention that the collaboration, which first came up in June 2020, was a chance for her to do something artistic, after filming for the latest season of Younger was postponed due to COVID. (FYI for those seeking intel on the final season, no luck, we were told it was off-limits.) “I was like, ‘Oh, hell yes, please,’” Duff says of the opportunity. “It seemed like a really fun outlet to get away from cleaning my house and dealing with my kids all day. We made a lot of good memories during quarantine, but I was definitely hungry to be creative.”

Working with Smash + Tess is natural extension for the star, whose style has been A+ since the start of her career. For many millennials, the former tween icon’s on-screen and IRL wardrobe evolved alongside our own; most of the time directly influencing it. As Lizzie McGuire in her breakout role, Duff made butterfly clips, bell bottoms, and training bras essential. (RIP to the Disney+ reboot and all the outfits that could have been.) As Sam Montgomery in 2004’s A Cinderella Story (up there with Brandy’s iconic version, IMO), she pretty much put pink Converse on the map.
Her caped Jenny Packham wedding dress, which she wore for her December 2019 nuptials to musician Matthew Koma, is still on my mind daily — it’s just that good. And, most recently, as publishing ingenue Kelsey Peters on Younger since 2015, Duff has made a strong case for taking the subway in stilettos. (And an equally strong case for me to spend my next paycheque on the Canadian-made SMYTHE coat she was spotted wearing on-set.)
Duff’s pandemic style is a touch more relatable. Her quarantine faves, including her go-to bike shorts, probably look a lot like yours, as in super comfy. “I’m in love with this sweatpant movement. I love big chunky sneakers. It makes so much more sense for your life,” she says. “I’m even loving the look and feel of a little blazer and a cropped sweater. I’m talking about earlier in quarantine when I had my normal body,” she clarifies, “but comfort for sure.”

Which isn’t to say that Duff has only been rocking chunky New Balance sneakers and sweats at home. A quick scan of her Instagram feed proves otherwise, showing plenty of red lips, cute nap dresses, and always a big hoop or statement earring (sometimes all at once). “I still like to get dressed up,” she asserts.

Case in point: She’s been buying shoes. “I just bought a pair of clear plastic heels,” she says. “I’ve done a few backyard [get-togethers] with some of my girlfriends and I’ve been out to dinner a couple of times before I started shooting, and it just felt more like a special occasion to put something cute on.” (Also on her list of deep-cut quarantine purchases is a pair of squared-toe Peter Do boots she styles with The Banks Romper).

As for what Duff does plan to wear when she can actually step outside the house for more than work and errands? “I’m excited for dresses and flowy things,” she says of spring 2021 trends. “Halfway through quarantine I started adding more colour into my wardrobe because I was feeling kind of sad. We’re coming out of winter and it’s been a tough year for everyone, so incorporating fun pops of colour here and there is important.”
As always, we’ll take our cues from the expert.

S + T x Hilary Duff is available for purchase starting February 23 at smashtess.ca

Hilary heeft een interview gehad met Vouge.com over haar nieuwe collectie met Smash + Tess.

With two children and a third on the way, actor Hilary Duff knows all about juggling motherhood with a busy work schedule. For the past five months or so, Duff has been in New York City shooting the seventh season of her TV Land series, Younger. But with her due date approaching sometime soon, Duff is now back on mom duty at home in California. “I’m so happy to be back in my backyard in the sun right now, with my dogs,” Duff says over the phone last week. “My hurricane of a daughter is taking a nap and it feels so nice.”

In addition to Younger, Duff is also keeping busy with her new collaboration with Smash + Tess, a Canadian loungewear and rompers brand. “I’ve been wearing their rompers for a couple of years now,” says Duff. “When [founder Ashley Freeborn] reached out, it was probably two months into the quarantine in Los Angeles, and I had been a second grade teacher to my son for like 11 weeks—so I was like, hell yeah, I’m down to do something creative.” Duff designed a collection inspired by her own wardrobe as a working mom, where she is constantly looking for pieces that merge comfort with style; it includes items such as rompers and even romperalls (romper overalls), in sizes from XXS to XXXL.

Duff says the line, which launches tomorrow, offers moms (and non-moms!) options that are both comfortable but put-together. Being pregnant with her third child certainly shaped how Duff approached the designs. “I was newly pregnant, so it was fun to create a collection of clothes that I knew would look cute on me in the moment, and then grow with me throughout the pregnancy,” she says. “It’s not maternity, but it’s size-inclusive, and looks good on everyone’s bodies.” Duff says rompers have been her hero piece throughout her pregnancy, and in the line, there’s a variety of styles to suit different aesthetics. There’s a black romper with shoulder pads that’s perfect for waist-up dressing. “Everyone’s sitting on Zoom meetings at home, so I feel like it’s comfy, but a little more chic,” says Duff. There’s also a floral print romper, because, “I’m obsessed with anything ’70s,” says Duff. She even did mini rompers for kids.

As a mom-on-the-go, the actor says her approach to fashion has changed overall. “I tend to dress a lot more fluffy,” says Duff. “I don’t have a lot of time to spend putting a detailed outfit together. I want to be comfortable and to be able to move throughout my day, but still be on-trend. And that’s not always accomplished! But I like basic colors and accessorizing with a fun bag and shoes. I love a big earring.” She’s also enjoyed finding different hacks to dress up the neutral rompers from her new line. “I just bought this really cute Isabel Marant men’s blazer coat, it’s almost to the knee and it’s tweed,” says Duff. “I roll up the sleeves and put it on top. And I have these square-toed boots—that’s how I wore one the other day.”

Even though she clearly has a penchant for dressing up, even if to just stay home, Duff says she’s struggled with maternity style just like any other mother does. She understands the need for simple pieces that you can throw on without much thought, something that’s at the heart of her Smash + Tess line. “Maternity clothes are so hard,” Duff says. “Towards the end [of pregnancy], you’re, like, funny big. You tend to dress in oversized things that make you look bigger than you are. I just came off shooting [Younger], though, and I got to wear these amazing clothes. I was like, I look great in this—but we had a seamstress on set and someone styling me. I could never accomplish that in my real, everyday life!”

Er zijn nog meer outtakes verschenen van Hilary’s samenwerking met Smash + Tess verschenen nu de release van de collectie dichterbij komt :)

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Er zijn nog meer outtakes verschenen van Hilary’s samenwerking met Smash + Tess toegevoegd in de galerij. Nog twee dagen voor het gelanceerd wordt, afgelopen week had Hilary hiervoor een online feest vanuit haar huis!

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http//: Smash + Tess
http//: 16 Februari: Online Launch of ‘Hilary x Smash + Tess’

De preview van Hilary collectie met Smash + Tess is verschenen, daarnaast heeft ze een interview gehad voor de blog van de website. Nog een weekje wachten voor de collectie gelanceerd wordt.

FAN MOMENT! We have loved Hilary Duff for like….forever, so having the opportunity to collaborate with her – hello! This is what dreams are made of! Whether you’re like us and had all the ‘Stuff by Duff’ (we see you OG Hilary fans!) or are just discovering Hilary’s laid-back and always chic style, you’re going to love this collaboration! Yes – we are as excited for this collab as you are, #smashtessfam!

The collection is California-inspired with global accessibility and wearability. It was designed in Hilary’s backyard with Ashley (COVID safe, of course!). The two got to know each other very well through the design process, and we couldn’t wait to introduce Hilary to our #smashtessfam! We have all the deets on the collaboration, her pregnancy and the number one skincare product you’re definitely going to want to go buy!

I’ve been wearing Smash + Tess for a few years, and when I found out it was a female-owned company, I loved it even more. I got excited to collaborate with the owner, Ashley and create something for my daughter and that I know we’re going to live in!

One of the best parts about this project for me was that everyone who was involved were women! We all have different things going on in our lives, different bodies, different wants and needs, but we all sat down and collaborated on everything from the colours, fabrics, fits…it was such a fun, collaborative experience.

I pulled inspiration from Pinterest, interior magazines I had at the time, and thought about prints and textures that I know would fit into my current wardrobe.

I’m so inspired by Ashley’s vision for her company. She truly cares about women and making them comfortable and cute! Also- the pros of working during COVID times is that everyone comes to you! It was really nice to not have to leave my house. We sat in my backyard, all masked-up and we talked styles and fabrics and had a blast. We drank coffee, we chatted, and we’d get off topic a lot, but it made it all really fun and we got to know each other really well.

Each time that we would meet, we would get further along in the process, until it was complete – it’s fun to be part of something from start to finish! I loved sitting outside in my backyard with Ashley and the S+T team, while playing with different textures and fabric swatches.

The only positive thing about Covid has been the reminder of what is truly important and being forced to simplify and be more still. That is a perfect motto for a pregnant woman and one I’m still working on myself! This pregnancy has been a bright light for the whole family! Of course, it’s been hard not being able to see as many loved ones as I would like, but it’s created a lot of space to turn inward and connect with my body and my baby.

In the past 10 years, I’ve realized how much I love interior design and architecture. I’m really good at spending money and it would be cooler if I could just spend someone else’s money while creating a transformation.

I would say the Hilary Romperalls, in both colors, I can’t choose! I’m obsessed with the texture of the linen! They’re so flattering and comfortable.

I’m a little bit of a scatterbrain and the projects in my life are constantly moving which is great for my personality. People like Ashley inspire me, female business owners, creative types with a strong vision of what they’re doing. Also, of course, my children, my husband, and traveling – I wouldn’t say it’s one person or one thing!

A morning hike with my children and dogs. An iced almond milk latte. A short trip to the farmer’s market. Making homemade olive bread. Hanging with the kids and doing what they want to do.

Levitating by Dua Lipa – I’m obsessed!

I have 2 problems with this question because 1) I’d like to bring a makeup bag, duh! 2) I’m a product junkie but since you’re forcing me, I’ll choose SPF, and right now I love the Solid + Striped face sunscreen because it’s a sunscreen meets serum and it’s $14 (USD) so you’re welcome!

Casual night in cooking with my girlfriends, out shopping with my mini, date night with a pair of heels, “I’m not changing for 2 days” vibe, road trip, and heading to work…is that too many??? If that’s too many rompers for you then I guess you can’t party like me!

The Thanksgiving & Christmas tables in 10 years, but other than that I’m terrified!

You can preview the highly anticipated Smash + Tess x Hilary Duff collection here!

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http//: Ashley Barrett (Smash + Tess)
http//: Ashley Barrett (Smash + Tess) – Achter de schermen

Ik heb enkele nieuw verschenen outtakes van Hilary’s samenwerking met Smash + Tess toegevoegd in de galerij. Voor het merk heeft ze enkele rompers ontworpen voor vrouwen en kinderen,, ook dochter Banks is in de nieuwe foto’s te zien :) Dinsdag over een week zal de collectie verschijnen.

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De eerste outtake van Hilary samenwerking met Smash + Tess is verschenen! Voor het merk ontwierp Hilary een collectie rompers die op 23 februari gelanceerd wordt! Waarschijnlijk zullen er voor die tijd meer foto’s verschijnen.

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Ik heb een nieuwe foto toegevoegd van Hilary op de fotoshoot voor de rompercollectie die ze met Smash + Tess heeft ontworpen, daarnaast is bekend geworden dat deze samenwerking op 22 februari uit komt!

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http//: Smash + Tess – Achter de Schermen